Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Telemóveis na vanguarda das tendências da tecnologia educacional

Segundo o New Media Consortium’s 2010 K12 Horizon Report, os telemóveis estão na vanguarda das tendências da tecnologia educacional.
"The mobile market today has more than 4 billion subscribers…. The global network supporting mobile devices of all kinds now covers more territory than the electrical grid. A massive and increasing number of people all over the world own and use computers that fit in their hand and are able to connect to the network wirelessly from virtually anywhere. Tens of thousands of applications designed to support a wide variety of tasks on a host of mobile devices and platforms are readily available, with more entering the market all the time. These mobile computing tools have become accepted aids in daily life for everything from business to personal productivity to social networking. The range and number of educational applications for mobiles are growing at a rapid pace, yet their use in schools is limited — more often constrained by policy than by the capabilities of the devices they run on."

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