Saturday, December 15, 2012

Infographic Provides an Inside Look at the Modern Student

The Learning Life: An Inside Look at the Habits of the Modern Student was created by StudyBlue, a leading mobile study tool with more than 2 million users. The data comes from a survey issued November 26-30 to the company’s users aged 15-22 attending high schools and colleges across the country. Read more here ...

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Handbook of Mobile Learning

1. An Historical Overview of mLearning: Toward Learner-Centered Education by Helen Crompton
2. M-learning as a Sub-field of Open and Distance Education by William C. Diehl
3. A Summary And Critique Of mLearning Research And Practice by Thomas Cochrane
4. A Socio-cultural Ecological Frame for Mobile Learning by Norbert Pachler, Ben Bachmair, and John Cook
5. Mobile Learning: New Approach, New Theory by Helen Crompton
6. Framework For Mobile Learning Integration Into Educational Contexts by Adeline Moura and Ana Amélia Carvalho
7. Learning and Teaching as Communicative Actions: A Theory for Mobile Education by Scott J. Warren and Jenny S. Wakefield
8. Future of mLearning by Clark N. Quinn
9. Seamless Learning: An International Perspective on Next Generation Technology Enhanced Learning by Marcelo Milrad, Lung-Hsiang Wong, Mike Sharples, Gwo-Jen Hwang, Chee-Kit Looi, and Hiraoki Ogata
10. Substantive Educational Change Is in the Palm of Our Children’s Hands by Cathleen A. Norris and Elliot M. Solloway
11. Future of Mobile Apps for Teaching and Learning by Ferrial Khaddage and Christoph Latteman
12. Mobile Learning Across Developing and Developed Worlds - Tackling Distance, Digital Divides, Disadvantage, Disenfranchisement by John M. Traxler
Section II. Learning and Learner Support
13. Mobile Learners: Who Are They and Who Will They Become? by Agnes Kukulska-Hulme
I14. Mindtools for Supporting Mobile Learning Activities by Gwo-Jen Hwang
15. Rethinking Scaffolding in Mobile Connectivist Learning Environments by Ozlem Ozan and Mehmet Kesim
16. A Mobile Pedagogy Approach for Transforming Learners and Faculty by Scott Hamm, George Saltsman, Stephen Baldridge, and Scott Perkins
17. The Power of the Personal: Discovering the m in m-Learning by Colleen Carmean, Jill L. Frankfort, and Kenneth N. Salim
18. Social vs. Individual Flow in Mobile Learning by Ah-reum Lee and Hokyoung Ryu
19. The ‘Reflective Student’: The Use of Mobile Devices through Seamless Educational Spaces and Authentic Learning Scenarios by Maria Cinque
20. Museums: Gateways to Mobile Learning by Denise M. Bressler
21. eBook Readers and PDAs for Work-based Learners by Ming Nie, Terese Bird, and Palitha Edirisingha
Secton III. Teaching and Instructional Design
22. Mlearning as a Catalyst for Pedagogical Change by Thomas Cochrane
23. Flipped Classroom Meets Mobile Learning by Aaron Sams
24. Team and Community Building Using Mobile Devices by Jackie Gerstein
25. Mobile Teaching and Learning in the Classroom and Online: Case Studies in K-12 by Michael M. Grant and Michael K. Barbour
26. Using Mobile Technology to Enhance Teaching by Andrew M. O’Loughlin, Siew Mee Barton, and Leanne Ngo
27. Teachers’ Tools: Designing Customizable Applications for M-learning Activities by Sara Price, Paul Davies, and William Farr
28. iPad Human Interface Guidelines for M-Learning by Sabrina Huber and Martin Ebner
29. Three-Dimension Design for Mobile Learning: Pedagogical, Design, and Technological Considerations and Implications by Xun Ge, Dingchung Huang, Huimin Zhang, and Beverly B. Bowers
30. Mobile Assessment: State of the Art by Stavros A. Nikou and Anastasios A. Economides
31. mMOOC Design: Ubiquitous, Open Learning in the Cloud by Inge de Waard
Section IV. Policies, Administration, and Management
32. Becoming an Mobile Insititution by George Baroudi and Nancy Marksbury
33. Framework for Implementing Mobile Technology by Ryan M. Seilhamer, Baiyun Chen, and Amy B. Sugar
34. So We Had This Idea: Bring Your Own Technology at Brebeuf Jesuit by Jennifer LaMaster and JD Ferries-Rowe
35. Towards a Holistic Framework for Ethical Mobile Learning by Laurel E. Dyson, Trish Andrews, Robyn Smith, and Ruth Wallace
36. Copyright and Fair Use in mLearning by Patricia Aufderheide
37. Accessibility in mLearning: Ensuring Equal Access by Jodi B. Roberts
38. The Role of Academic Libraries in the Development and Support of Mobile Learning Environments by Rachel Wexelbaum and Plamen Miltenoff
Section V. Cases and Perspectives
39. Mobile Learning Strategies for K-12 Professional Development by Dustin C. Summey
40. An Exploration of Mobile Learning to Enhance Student Performance in High School Mathematics by Vani Kalloo and Permanand Mohan
41. Becoming a Digital Nomad: Transforming Education through Mobile Devices by Sharon M. Stoerger
42. Mobile Medicine Praxis by Richard Brandt and Rich Rice
43. A Mobile Knowledge Management System for Military Education by Ioana A. STĂNESCU and Antoniu ŞTEFAN
44. M-Learning During Emergencies, Disasters, and Catastrophes – An Australian Story by Julie Willems
45. Improving Students’ Modern Language Speaking Skills Through Mobile Learning by Henry Grover Tuttle
46. How Mobile Learning Facilitates Student Engagement: A Case Study from the Teaching of Spanish by Elizabeth A. Beckmann and M. Daniel Martìn
47. Architecture of a Device Independent Collaborative Language Learning Game by Andreas Christ, Patrick Meyrueis, and Razia Sultana
48. An International Perspective on Mobile Learning by Diana J. Muir
49. M-Powering the Poor through Mobile Learning by Sheila Jagannathan
50. Acceptance of Tablet Devices for Learning and Teaching in Institutions of Higher Learning: The Malaysian Perspective by Zoraini Wati Abas and Raja Maznah Raja Hussain
51. Teachers as Learners: Concerns and Perceptions about Using Cell Phones in South African Rural Communities by Mpine Makoe
52. From MXit to Dr. Math by Adele Botha and Laurie Butgereit
53. Mobile Learning Games for Low Income Children in India: Lessons from 2004 - 2009 by Matthew Kam