Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mobile learning: Not just laptops any more

New advances in mobile technology could help schools realize the promise of true anytime, anywhere learning
By Jennifer Nastu, Contributing Editor
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The York County School Division also allows students to bring in their own devices and use them for instructional purposes. Recently, a middle school forensics science teacher had students taking photos of mock crime scenes using their cell phones. Students sent the photos to the teacher, who displayed them on a screen in the classroom for use in analyzing the crime scenes. When a student doesn’t have a device, he or she simply works with a student who does.
At this point in time, at the high school level, a very high percentage of students do have their own mobile devices, says Schad.
Additionally, Project Tomorrow’s Speak Up survey indicated that 67 percent of parents said they would be willing to provide their child with a smart phone if the school allowed it to be used for education. That number was pretty stable across urban and rural districts, says Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow.
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