Monday, July 16, 2012

Using basic mobile phones for ESOL learners

This article has been written by Aleks Palanac who works as an ESOL Resources Specialist for the British Council in addition to having teaching commitments with the Workers' Educational Association and the University of Leicester. Her main interest lies in how to marry new technologies with language teaching in order to enhance the digital literacy of ESOL learners. Read more here ...


  1. Good to know about your blog i have visit and i am very inspired from your ideas It will be interesting to see what we learn about the use of mobile phones in the coming years.

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  2. Thanks for your visit. The future is mobile and mobile learning will the new educational paradigm.

    1. Agreed. Nice to read your post. Good to see your work in English :) as i am following your slides on slideshare most of them are in Português i guess.Still browse through to look as the pictures and try to make sense :)
      How about Mobile Collaborative Informal learning?

  3. Thanks for your comment. Congratulations for your work on mobile collaboration. I have some data on mobile collaborative learning in formal contexts collected during my research. Students had to make videos and write microstories collaboratively. The resulta are very positive.
    Most of my presentations is in my mother tongue. If you have some interest in anyone tell me I can translate it.
    You can follow here some more recent experiences:


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