Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mobile Learning at New Canaan High School

These are just a handful of the pictures we took during 15 minutes of a typical day's lunch at New Canaan High School. Kids are using their devices... but HOW are they using their devices? Even though 73% of our students have an app-ready device, only 29% have an ereading app on that device. In almost every class, when asked to input a URL to the mobile library catalog app, a students will say, "I don't have that two-dot thing on my keyboard." (meaning a colon). This is part of what is required for meaningful 21st century education. Without a robust instructional program that embeds communication (email at least, and unrestricted access to mainstream social media at best), collaboration (Google Apps) and mobile instruction (BYOD at least and 1:1+BYOD at best) into the core curriculum, schools are not preparing students for the century they already live in - not the one of the future - the one we inhabit now.

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